November 1, 2008

Saturday is Not the New Sunday

Saturday is not Sunday, it is still Saturday. I guess this is where the week catches up with itself and gets ready to begin again.

But it is not the same Saturday. This one has a larger measure of patience than before and even a small grain of grace on my part (meaning a huge amount bestowed on me by Him). Today I am going to spend a good chunk of the day trying to bring a little glory to His name by spending it in service to others.

A group of guys I meet with weekly are looking to try to raise money (with a garage sale and a charity dinner) for a young family that is struggling with the heart breaking loss of their mother after a long bout with illness. You can read about the Kaylor family here. I have not met the family, but the guys I know have a huge heart for this and I want to serve alongside and support them and the Kaylor family in what little way I can.

I will be brutally honest, a year ago I would also have done this, but with a lot of moaning and groaning (to myself and my wife) about how little time I had and how tired I was. Now I am quite eager to spend the day working on this and praying it is all hugely successful.

And this after an evening at the trunk or treat last night at church running a bounce house. Had a blast with that as well. Lots of people, lot of kids. And when it was over, a wedding in the parking lot on the temporary stage set up for the group that played music for the trunk or treat party. It was great.

My point is that right now I feel the Lord has given me the two Saturdays ( as I mentioned in yesterday's post)to revel in and I am enjoying sharing with others what I used to hoard and jealously guard for myself.

All this and I still have a day with the Lord to look forward tomorrow.


David Porter said...


I am confused. What day is it???

Tuesday is Monday, but Sunday in not Saturday, but Wednesday might be Tuesday...Hmmm..I'm lost.


Andy C said...

I am losing track myself.