November 16, 2008

Chambers Today

I read him this morning and it has been with me all day long. Two quotes from today's devotional really have really stuck in my mind.

"It’s one thing to go through a crisis grandly, yet quite another to go
through every day glorifying God when there is no witness, no
limelight, and no one paying even the remotest attention to us."

Living everyday for Him without regard for what others think. Doing what is right in the Lord's eyes even if it is not in those of anyone else. He would have made quite the blogger.

"The true test of a saint’s life is not successfulness but faithfulness on the human level of life."

He really looked at Christ and Christ alone. If others walk with you great. If not, you have Jesus as a companion on your narrow road and how can that be anything but the best?

We are that his widow, Biddy put all his notes together in book form for us to enjoy and be convicted by over and over. God is good, so good.

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