November 8, 2008

The Legitimacy of Longevity

We went to see the King Tutankhamun (Tut to his friends) exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art yesterday. Good exhibit, very interesting. he may not be a household word, but he is certainly extremely well known. The Boy King ruled for 10 years, died before he was 20. A CT scan in 2005 noted he had great teeth, no cavities (it is good to be king). A short rule, no major monuments, no bible mention, nothing to really distinguish him other than he turned his people from the false religion of his father to the false religion of his older predecessors.

But it struck me that the were Pharaohs of greater import, but they lacked something Tut has. Stamina, longevity and a fair amount of historical luck. His tomb was intact, lots of priceless artifacts were found so he became a big. big deal in modern times. OK, his stamina and longevity came after death and took 3000 years, but come it did.

Think of how many people or things in our world today that were less than big deals years ago. But they have the legitimacy of longevity. Stay around long enough and people accept you as a bigger deal than you used to be.

It works for things of this world, but it doesn't seem to work for Jesus. I fear the world has His legitimacy going the other way right now. And if anyone has shown stamina and longevity after death, it is He.

He is still in this world, impacting lives in the most positive way unlike my buddy Tut. I pray that He gains a greater measure of the legitimacy of longevity so that more come to His name. He does not need the accolades, but He clearly wants the sheep behind them. Why treat a dead Boy King better than the living Eternal King?


Anonymous said...

Great post. I remember attending an exhibit of Ramses years ago in Denver while growing up in CO. Very interesting stuff.

Absolutely true with the longevity of our Father Son Holy Spirit. They have, are, and always will remain -- forever!

~Amy :)

Laurie M. said...

"Why treat a dead Boy King better than the living Eternal King?"

Well, for starters, the dead boy king doesn't demand anything from us.

Now, as for Tut, I was not aware he was touring again. I'd really like to see that exhibit. Wonder if it's coming to California soon.
We saw the Terra Cotta Army exhibit this year and it was really fascinating.

Andy C said...

Amy: It is very interesting stuff. But no matter how old it is or long it lasts, God has it beat.

Laurie: You are right, we tend to like those who make no demands on us.