November 14, 2008

We May Not Have Each Other, But We Will Always Have Lard

I do not know if this was an actual ad or not. I do not appreciate British cuisine enough nor understand British humor enough to distinguish the two in this case.

Your lips say love, but your hips say lard.
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Ron Newton said...


Death is not a separate pursuit from public speaking. As a professional speaker, I've died on stage many times.

During seminary, I was suckered into accepting Prof Howard Hendrick's challenge: "If any of you (seminary students) thinks himself to be spiritual, just go down to the juvenile detention center with me for awhile."

I earned my 'speaking wings' conducting chapel services for kids in prison. If I kept their attention for 5 minutes, I was considered great. 10 minutes, superlative. 15 minutes, a miracle worker.

There's little different with a 'regular' audience. If you keep them interested for 15 minutes, you've performed a miracle. Congratulations, Andy, it sounds like you performed one.

Now, about your trip to the juvenile prison . . .

Keep it up the good work. YOu have an impactful story.

Ron Newton
Integrity at Work – iWORK

Laurie M. said...

I'm not sure I get that humor myself. If it's a real ad, then that it's really funny, though I'm not sure it would convince me to eat lard.

Shane Vander Hart said...

I hope it's humor. I find it funny.