November 15, 2008

Recharging My Batteries

It feels strange that I am just a two weeks from finishing out the semester. Two class weeks that is, although I will not be done until December 17th. But I am on a break from now until December 2, then two weeks of classes, then final exam week. Then I am done with the fall semester.

Where did it go? What did I learn? Will I remember any of it when I go back the end of January '09? Will I pass this semester? Am I enjoying it?

Where did it go? Time flies when you are having fun, or working on papers.

What did I learn? Foundation comes to mind (no, not the Asimov series). The foundation for further studies, what I call the survey courses in bible study and theology. Even though the lectures and reading has been very enjoyable,I am looking forward to next term in getting deeper into my studies.

Will I remember any of it when I go back the end of January '09? I think it will stick with me as I move forward. If not, I sure have
picked an expensive way to be baby sat during the week while my wife
attends to adult chores. I haven't written much about my studies so far this term because it seems so foundational to my overall education. I will try to elaborate more on my studies next term. But I find myself referring to stuff from class in conversations now, I hope I am not turning into the dreaded bible blimp.
Will I pass this semester? Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Am I enjoying it? Yes I am.

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