November 15, 2008

Magazine Review: Bible Study Magazine

I have been asked to write a magazine review on the inaugural issue (no, it isn't about the new president, it is the first issue of the magazine) of Bible Study Magazine.

I agreed to do it but I was a little skeptical: I have never done this before and I am wary of new publications in general.

Not sure how this review will turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the magazine. My initial flip through gave me a distinct sense that there was something in here for differing levels of interest and expertise. That was borne out when I did some in depth reading.

The magazine has some practical how to bible study tips and methods, some personal devotional material that you can relate to on your own level, some more in depth scholarly type reading and items of more general interest, including headline type blurbs on some more recent news.

There was a great article on Josh McDowell, an apologist whom I have enjoyed reading in the past and who is a Facebook friend. It was great to see him featured in the first issue. There was also an in depth interview with Dr. peter Flint on The Great Isaiah Scroll of the Dead Sea scrolls. It wasn't a puff piece, I was pleased to see it went on more that a question or two and explored his work. Both of these were good reading.

Daniel Wallace (a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary where I attend) takes you through various bible translations with some practical advice on how to choose between them.

There is plenty more in here (think Sennacherib for one and the Book of Hebrews for another).

It appears this magazine will have monthly study tips and aids, research from scholars and teaching from pastors and teachers. It is geared at differing levels of bible study and expertise, so I do not think it is over the head of the beginner nor is it too basic for a more seasoned bible student. All in all a well balanced magazine.

I enjoyed the articles and the vibrant colors and layout.

Check it out at Bible Study Magazine. I look forward to future issues and have signed up for a subscription.

Great job and best wishes to the team at BSM.

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