November 12, 2008

Basic Training For the Biblical Man

The attached audio presentation from Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church is about an hour long, so you need some time to go through it. But it is worth listening to. Mark does a nice job laying out how we should approach being a biblical man in today's world. It is from 2007 but a friend sent it to me to screen before we send to another friend. It is worth listening to when you have some time, maybe in smaller snippets.

This isn't really religion, this is about living your life based on the principles in the bible. A Christ centered man living a biblical life. And to me that is way more important than talking and living religion. Because religion was designed by man, but the bible was written by God. The bible talks about the only man who really knows how to design a worldview, Jesus Christ.

Being that kind of stand up guy, that is what it is all about. To me that is a real man. I do not want to be a religious man, I want to be a bible guy.

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