November 29, 2008

A Bacon Driven Life

I have often thought that if I opened a restaurant, I would like it to be a concept restaurant called "Everything Tastes Better Wrapped in Bacon". I do not have the best dietary habits, I admit. There are certain foods that transcend good eating habits. Pasta, pizza and peanut butter are high on the list. Cheetos would be, but they are not food. Ice cream (soft serve preferred). And bacon.

Bacon is the most versatile, I eat more pasta and pizza, but you cannot wrap something in pasta and pizza. Try it with a scallop. Only bacon passes the grade. Cold pizza is great for breakfast, but try ordering it with a plate of eggs and see what kind of looks you get. The noble pig is committed to giving you a great breakfast, the chicken is only involved. And nothing has the ring of poetry,
nothing has the meter quite like ordering "Bacon, extra crispy".

But when I wax rhaposodic about bacon, I think of the chart on the left.

The sad thing is the chart also works for all the other foods I mentioned, fortunately only the bacon chart is fixed in my mind.

A dog's life, maybe, but even dogs love bacon.

But even I draw the line at soft drinks.


Laurie M. said...

Ahh bacon - the candy of the meat world. And crispy. I'd happily live without ever consuming any pig part - except the bacon. I can eat an entire package in one sitting. (Self-control has prevented me thusfar, but I've come close and could have gone the whole way.) I was just joking about it on Thursday with my in-laws and they went to a candy store and brought me back something called "bacon-mints". Well, that sounds repulsive, so I had Paul test them. He was not impressed, but said they were not as bad as you would expect. (That's not what I meant when I said candy!)

Kevin said...

Bacon is the fairy dust of the food world. There is no argument from me that "Everything Tastes Better Wrapped in Bacon." :)

Peter P said...

There's a guy in my street who seems like he cooks bacon every single day.

You guys would probably be great friends!

Personally I think that just about everything tastes great wrapped in pizza!

Ed said...

As I have said before, forget fillet mignon; if meat were music, bacon would be the crescendo.

Andy C said...

It would be my magnum opus.