November 2, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

It is still the same, but different. Better than before, calmer. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sunday in the old week was the day I started worrying about Monday, the beginning of the workweek. And that lead to...wait, I better stop or I am going to be going through the whole thing again. You can trace it back through here if you want.

Suffice to say that Sunday is more like the day it was meant to be. Worship, time in God's word, loving the Lord. In a more relaxed and more deeply felt fashion. This weekend I had a fulfilling Friday and Saturday (or 1st and 2nd Saturday if you are keeping score) which made a reflective Sunday richer and more heartfelt somehow.

Off I go, and a fine day it will be.

So that is pretty much my new week. What will be interesting is how it might change in January, when I switch to a Wednesday and Friday class schedule. Wednesday will be Monday, but Tuesday will be 3rd Saturday and somehow Thursday will get lost.

I cannot wait.

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