November 18, 2008

Losing the War

The Podcast war, that is. I listen when I am driving alone, to school or on errands. Here it is mid-November and I am only up to mid-April on the ones I listen to regularly and falling further behind every week. I listen to:

I listen to the DTS chapel services I miss because I am only on campus two days a week and chapel is four times a week. This goes to the top of my list, so I am never really behind on these. You can watch these as well. It is worth watching or listening to some good sermons. I listen to the 121 sermons I am not at church for and that does not happen more than a few times a year so I am up to speed there. The Fermi Project podcast is not as regular so it is easy to stay on top, they have some interesting stuff about what is going on as far as new ideas within the church.

The problem is the other three I have been listening to. There are lots of sermons on Podcast, I have been listening to these three guys for a while. My problem is that they are more prolific in putting these out than I am diligent in listening to them. I do not know how long these gentlemen will continue to Podcast but I need to do something, here's what I have thought about:

  • Spend more time alone in the car
  • Spend more time stuck in traffic
Neither of these are appealing to me. I like my wife too much to spend more time alone, and I do not like being stuck in traffic, even with my wife.

  • Plan a long road trip vacation and listen as a couple
That actually has potential. We both like all of the speakers

  • Run more errands
  • Go to school full time
  • Listen for several months after I die
The first two leave me cold, I like the balance in my life. The last one leaves me really cold, but it wouldn't be my decision as to availability in any event.

  • Cut back on who I subscribe to listen to
  • Wipe a bunch of back sermons off the iPod
Neither of those is even the least bit funny.

I guess I will struggle along until I can get on the road more.


Laurie M. said...

I listen on headphones while doing manual labor. Your wife might enjoy you working out in the yard a couple more hours per week - just a thought:-))

Andy C said...

Working in the yard? I am death to all growing things, except weeds. It would not be a pretty site.