November 25, 2008

Money Changes Everything

I had a boss once who made the statement life was easier if you had a lot of money or no money than if you had some money. Sounds strange, but here was his logic:
  • Lot of money - decisions are easy as you can say yes to just about everything
  • No money - decisions are easy because you have to say no to just about everything
  • Some money - decisions can be agonizing because there is an element of choice but not of plenty
I used to shake my head at the craziness of it, but there is a kernel of truth to it. Life is not easier with no money than some money. If you do not have enough to take care of life's necessities, life can be brutal and grinding. But he was onto something as far as making a decision goes. No money means you have to say no to a lot of things. Unfortunately a lot of what you have to say no to is very hard to have to do.

A little money opens up some possibilities to spend on things beyond basic needs. And that is where our greed, or our pride in keeping up with the neighbors can enter the picture. We can put ourselves on the treadmill of consumerism faster than just about anything else in life. it seems to be wired into our natures.

Money does change everything. And a little can mean a lot of change.


David Porter said...

Lot of money makes you a slave & idolater.

Also, lots of money makes your head hurt from trying to get your head through the eye of the needle.

I am learning that taking the mental possession of money is the problem.

The truth is, I have no money. Came into this world with none, and will leave it with none. Thinking I have money is folly.

Therefore, Porter, unwrap your fingers from around the money and serve ME. (God)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Andy!

Laurie M. said...

I can't speak to the truth of all you've said, 'cause I've never had a lot of money. However, I've got very little now, just enough to pay the bills and sink only slightly deeper into debt each month; and I've gotten very used to saying "no" to things all the time. And I have had more money, and jumped onto the social climbing treadmill. I'd rather be where I am now, I think, than in the middle. Though, I'm a Christian now, which I wasn't then. I'd rather lose everything, I think, than be without Christ.