November 13, 2008

I Have a Few Old Questions

I was looking over some pictures and stuff from our trip to Russia in April, and I realized I had a few questions.

Question #1: What is going on here?

This is an actual candy bar I picked up just before our overnight train trip from Penza to Moscow. I did not get a chance to ask our hosts what it said, but I was intrigued by the packaging. I mean, what is the problem? Chocolate lovers with ED amongst the party faithful? I had never heard of such a thing.

I will not eat it. I will not open it for fear of fumes if it hits the air. Like I am going to start walking around the house saying things like "Who's your Dostoevsky?"

It seems like a most unusual product, and there were no other gender or age specific candy bars that I could find.

Question #2: Do people still need these?

You cannot easily tell from the picture, but this is a refrigerator magnet with the old USSR symbol on it. I bought it at the Moscow airport on the way home.

Apparently they do not need these anymore as they are selling them in the exit lounge as you are leaving the country.

Question #3: Would this be a cool cell tower on I-35 going into Waco from the south?

Now this ain't no refrigerator magnet. This was out in the middle of nowhere on a side trip to the home of the Russian poet Lermontov about an hour outside of Penza. Not sure why it was there, other than it was a holdover in an area where no one cared to spend money to take it down.

Maybe Verizon Wireless could use it. After all I-45 has that huge Sam Houston statue in Huntsville.

Question #4: Didn't they get rid of all these statues years ago?

Yes, that is Lenin in Penza standing in front of the City Hall. I remember news stories of statues toppling in Moscow, but he is alive and well and living in downtown Penza. Not far from where I almost got arrested for taking a picture in a no picture zone. Another story for another day. I guess there are some that still like Vlad and yearn for the old days. Same everywhere I guess.

However, if push came to shove, I am sure old Sam could take him in a fair fight.

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