November 13, 2008


It is interesting to see where the traffic on your blog comes from. I do not have all that much, so it is easy for me to monitor and the unusual ones stand out. I do not get much international traffic, which is not surprising given I do not get much domestic traffic either.

Yesterday was different. I had traffic from Hyderabad in India, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia,and Aachen in Germany. (I would have also said Dallas, Texas but since I moved here 5 years ago I no longer consider it an international location as I did when I lived in New York)

I wonder why? My blog is categorized as a Christian site, so I wonder what is making it occasionally come up like this in these out of the way places. Looked over the stats and there doesn't seem to be anything that is attracting them specifically.

Not worried or losing sleep over it, just curious I guess.

I do not think the State Department needs to lose sleep over it either.


ryan said...

Funny you should mention it, I was thinking the same thing.
Oddly enough, it seems that I send someone your way every day and you respond in kind. Not sure if someone has decided not to bookmark us and just links through from the other or what.

ryan said...

always forget to click for follow up comments

Laurie M. said...

You're a step ahead of me for sure. I don't have any idea how to track my traffic.

Andy C said...

Go to and get the code to put on your blog. Email me if you want.

Laurie M. said...

Thanks Andy!

(Sorry if I've anytime spelled your name with an "i", which I caught myself doing just now. I'm not confused as to your gender; it's just that my sister-in-law goes by that name.)

Anyway, thanks for the link. I just signed up, but won't be putting it on the blog 'til tomorrow. I'm so drained this week that I don't have the mental energy to do anything more than the simplest intellectual tasks.