November 11, 2008

The Leader Board

Yesterday I had the privilege and opportunity to attend the latest session of The Leader Board. These 5 half day sessions are an excellent chance to get some great bible teaching as well as hear from Christian business leaders.

This latest session included:

  • Bible Study - Dr. Howard Hendricks led us through Titus 3:1-15 covering three aspects of a Christian's life style. The Christian's Obligation, Motivation and Reaction to life.
  • Keynote Speaker - Carlos Sepulveda, President & CEO of Interstate Battery System International gave a great talk on personal and team effectiveness beginning with the individual. He gave us much food for thought: there are no business ethics, just ethics, why do some people not have them?; all of life is two activities-resource allocation and conflict resolution; you should pursue and lay hold of that which is good and identify and flee that which is bad. I do not do his talk justice.
  • Panel-Along with Carlos Sepulveda, Andy Horner (Founder-Premier Designs, Inc.), Lee Roy Mitchell (Founder-Cinemark USA Inc.) and Dave Ridley (SVP, Southwest Airlines) handled a Q&A regarding such things like living a Chrisitan walk in business, managing and coaching people, and learning from biggest failures. The panel had some great ideas: God call us to love people unconditionally, not emply them unconditionally; You build up people, they build up the company; Blarney is taking something uninteresting and making it interesting, my mother called it lying.
There was ample break time and breakfast beforehand for networking. I enjoyed it thoroughly, I hope I get to go again in 2009.

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