November 7, 2008

It's a Wonderful (Prayer)Life!

I have been reading a lot about prayer and the need to pray the past few days. It makes me wonder about a few things. I talked about prayer yesterday so forgive me if I am redundant. But I feel it in my heart to do another post. Here goes:

  • Has the need for prayer dramatically increased in the past day or so?
  • Why do we feel the need to engage in fervent prayer when things aren't going as we think they should that seems to outstrip the need for prayer at other times?
Hey, I am not pointing fingers at anyone, if I did, I would probably poke myself in the eye as well. But it almost seems that there is a shortfall of faith and trust in Jesus if we feel prayer needs to be ramped up since Tuesday.

We have problems to solve in this country, we have elected a man that the majority feels is suited to do so. Our prayers should be with him as strongly as with the sitting President.

And God was, is and always be sovereign, so His will was done once again. Surprised?

I hope not.

I encourage prayer, but with an attitude of humility and thankfulness that we can come before our Father's throne in supplication. Not with an arrogance that we had better pray up now because it is really needed now as never before.

And it will be needed in four years, and eight years, no matter who is elected.


Anonymous said...


I think most of the emphasis on prayer the last few days was because there are so many Christians who are inclined to complain about our president-elect, rather than obey the command to pray for him.

Laurie M. said...

Andy, you are absolutely right, and so is Barry in his comment.

Because of an understanding of the sovereignty of God, fear has not been a big problem for me as regards current events. I've encountered many professing Christians, though, for whom that is clearly not the case.

It is true as well that God does use difficult situations, or our raised awareness of them, to catch attentions that may have drifted. I know mine have. I have not prayed daily for world leaders, and those in authority, or for my persecuted brethren, or about the quiet holocaust of abortion and euthanasia. I've taken a lot for granted, perhaps grown a bit complacent. So, the hightened emphasis on the issues we face as a nation has brought back to my attention the world beyond my little orb. I assume I'm not entirely unique, that I'm not alone in this tendency to neglect thought & prayer that reaches beyond my little small city life. So when I exhort to prayer, I'm exhorting myself and others like myself by way of reminder(in the spirit of 2 Peter 1: 1-15).

Andy C said...

Thank you both for your comments, and I hear what you are saying. Yoiu both make points that are valid and resonate within me.

I just feel that we need to be careful to pray each and every day. Pray for our leaders and for those who are complaining or complacent. And pray we are not among them.