November 6, 2008

Let Me Not Think Myself Better

...than others.

I have read quite a bit posted in blogs the past day and I want to say I need prayer.

  • That I think myself better than others because I am a sinner as all are who needs Jesus to redeem me from my sin
  • That I remain in prayer for those who do not hold my views that one day they may see the Lord as I do
  • That I love not less but more to match the turning of others away from Him
  • That I steep and soak in His word, not only for my own edification but to be used for His glory
  • That I am sold our for Jesus, my life to be used as he will
I worry about pride and arrogance, I yearn for faith and obedience.

It is so easy to assume your position is correct, that you are tolerant as others are not, that you have wisdom others should want.

All I have that others should want was given to me by another as a gift. I am no better than those who do not have it, nor better than others that have the same gift.

But I have what all should want and all can get. And it is available for the asking.


David Porter said...


You and I are in the same ship, once again.

I hear your heart, and relate to your prayer.

God has been whacking the pride out of me quite a bit these days.

Laurie M. said...

"I worry about pride and arrogance, I yearn for faith and obedience."

Same here, word for word.