October 31, 2008

This Will Not Happen Again

I was looking at my blog posts and noticed that as of my previous post, I had posted exactly 50% of all my posts in the month of October. Being cut from the Type A CFO mentality, I knew that would never do, so I had to add this one just to get over the halfway mark.

I also realize that this is a special month, I will never be in this position again. There is no way I am going to do over 100 posts in November and you can just forget over 200 in December. Don't even think about what I would have to do in 2009.

I have reached a law of large numbers of sorts as it pertains to this blog. I cannot have exponential sort of growth in my posting activity anymore (Check my archive list for the ramp up since I started late June) Any large scale growth will have to be in visitors, page views and stuff like feed links which I have no real control over as a blogger.

So I ask myself if the growth in the frequency of blogging is due to familiarity, confidence, arrogance. Is it due to the seeking of fame and the dreaming of fortune, none of which has or is likely to happen.

Am I doing it to hear myself be read, or do I really believe I have something worth writing that others find worth reading. Am I an encouragement to others or a growing blight on the blogosphere?

I have always felt that blogging can lead to behavior that is solipsistic in nature. The fact that I used a word like that is an indication of the solipsistic nature of my own behavior. I just hope I used it right both times.

I am taking this post as a reminder not to take myself too seriously, to write from the heart and soul as much as from the head going forward. And to not make this a numbers game in any sense, whether it is who reads this, who comments or how often I write. Quality not quantity needs to be of paramount importance. I realize I can only be true to my blogging if it reflects who I am, and talks about things inside and just not on the surface.

I will see how I do, and maybe you all will remind me from time to time.


Greg said...

Andy, today you caused me to learn a new word. That in itself made your post valuable. Keep writing. Your posts have caused me to think and caused me to laugh. Even if I rarely interact.

Andy C said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad you find these posts entertaining and in a rare instance like this, almost informational.

Alan Knox said...


You're ahead of me when it comes to posting regularly. When I started blogging, it took 9 months before I began to blog regularly (daily+). I've enjoyed reading your blog so far, and I look forward to reading more.