October 30, 2008

It Is Not Easy Keeping Up

I have been sitting here this evening alternating between working on a paper for school, indulging in a little light reading (non-seminary, but please don't tell my profs!) and reflecting on how hard it is to keep up with the blogs I follow when I take a day off from reading them as I did yesterday.

I've read some good posts this evening, here are three new posts (there are others I read and consider as blog friends, but I didn't get to them or they didn't post tonight) I have read just read:

A Boomer in the Pew-Crushed in the Mortar and Pestle of God's Sovereign Will

who am I?-Is single issue voting reasonable or not?

Caffeinated Thoughts-The Sad Born Alive Truth

I consider these guys my friends although I have never met them face to face, but only through blogging, which led to Facebook connection as well. People I would never have known anything about except for this sometimes self absorbing activity of blogging. But it isn't always self absorbing, i have met people who make me better with them as friends than without.

My problem becomes that I follow so many good blogs i do have trouble keeping up with them. Well guys, I read you and enjoyed you very much tonight, thanks. For the times I do not give you the attention you deserve, I apologize (I am the social mediot after all). To the others, I apologize as well. You are all enriching my mind and my life.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary, brother. I myself have found it much harder to keep up with blog reading now that I'm trying to write my own posts

I consider you one of the best friends I've never met, too, Andy. You were a tremendous encouragement to me when I began blogging a few months ago.

For that, I thank you, but even more so, I thank the Lord for your faithful service to HIM.

Have a great day.

David Porter said...


First of all, thank you for your kind words. I hope to meet you someday. If not on this earth, then certainly together at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! What a day that will be!

My Google reader is divided into different sections. I make certain that I read my friends blogs first, but then the scores of other blog seem to drift me away.

I understand your frustration. The simple fact is that I need to weed out my Google reader.

It would be far greater to have a few friends, like you, then to simply dash along the headlines of countless others.

I am enjoying your blog, and appreciate the peek into your life and seminary studies.

Study hard Dude!

Shane Vander Hart said...

Andy, I have a hard time keeping up as well.

Many good blogs, so little time.

Thanks for the link!