October 25, 2008

A Good Day Yesterday

I had a very good day yesterday:

  • At 6:15am, I met with my men's group and had a good discussion about the future direction of our group
  • The rest of the morning I did schoolwork, reading and working on a paper that is due in a week or so
  • Spent the afternoon with my wife
    • We had a nice lunch (if you ever doubt the presence of a divine being, tuck into a blue cheese and bacon burger, with fries, every once and a while)
    • We went and took advantage of early (Vote Early, Vote Often) voting in our town (Hey Baby, want to go help elect the leader of the free world together)
    • Saw the movie Fireproof with about 12 other people in the theater (What were they doing in my media room?) Definitely worth seeing
    • Had a late, quiet dinner at home

The afternoon was clearly the best part. Why am I telling you about this?

It sticks in my mind.

Why does it stick in my mind?

At the end of the day my wife looked at me and said "It was a nice day today".

That was what really made it a good day yesterday. Lord, how I love my wife!

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David Porter said...

:) It is good to dwell in the house of the LORD.