October 12, 2008

In the Spotlight

Oswald Chambers mentions today that a person's worth is revealed in the attitude one shows when not in the spotlight.

But when are we ever out of God's spotlight? We can hide things from each other if we choose, and we have an enormous capacity to hide things even from ourselves.

But what can we hide from God? We may not always choose to walk alongside Jesus in our daily life, we may languish a bit here and there, falling behind Him. (We can never get ahead of Him, that is for sure) Getting into stride with God (or getting back into stride) can be painful because it means we need to give up what kept us out of step. And getting rid of the very thing we choose over God at a particular point in time can be very painful since we love to indulge our sins, that is part of our sinful nature.

But the spotlight of God is ever upon us. Chambers is right that it is at those lonely times that we show our true worth in our attitude to the little, ordinary things. Because we can ignore them without anyone knowing it. We do not have to answer to anyone for what dwells in our mind, away from everyone but ourselves. There is no one to call us on that sin, that hypocrisy, that darkness of mind we dare not show anyone else.

Except God. We are ever in His spotlight.

But unlike the glare we shine into each others eyes, the spotlight God shines on us is diffused with love and mercy. It is the light of grace if we choose to step into it. Chambers states that getting into that stride with God can be painful, but we are to get on with it, we will have a new vision and purpose if we do.

We will see life through God's spotlight.

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