October 8, 2008

We Are Going To Need A New Sign Soon

The National Debt Clock in NYC (I think it is on 44th St right off 6th Ave. or Avenue of the Americas for you non-NYers) went past the $10 trillion mark this week in part because of the bailout package, requiring them to add another digit to the clock. It is one of those things that you tended to look at without even noticing if you walked past it everyday, as I did for years. You really didn't want to look at the part that made it very personal - your family's share of the pie.

Several years ago the building it was on was torn down to put up one of those block long skyscrapers. So they moved it. And guess where it wound up for a new home?

A building that houses an IRS office. I guess they are keeping track of how much taxes we are all eventually going to have to pay to zero out that clock. Somebody's gotta pay someday.

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