October 4, 2008

We Do Not Know What We Have Seen

We who have trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior have seen the picture He has painted in our minds, a picture of eternal joy in His presence.

What we have not seen, what we do not know is the road we must travel to get there.

I am still a rough rock that Christ needs to sculpt, and I do not know how painful the process needs to be as I live out my life, waiting for His call home. I do not know the gutters He has to reach down into to pull me out of, the mire of life He will need to hose off.

So, as I deal with people and places, occurrences and events as I move through life, I need to be more accepting of what is in front of and around me, to work my way through it. But more importantly to grasp the lesson inherent in life's struggles so that I learn a little more about what I have seen means. So that I learn that the difficult person who is making my life miserable may just be one of God's messengers, one of His work tools, even if neither of us realize it at the time. (Ande we will probably not do so).

This is what reading Chambers has put into my heart today. I thank him for it.

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