October 28, 2008

Tuesdays Are The New Monday

At least they are in what passes for my week. Tuesday is my first day of classes for the week at seminary. As I mentioned yesterday, Mondays are different for the better.

Tuesdays are as well. Does it feel funny starting my "work week" a day later than most? No, it feels good. Let others have the head start of Monday, I ease into my schedule. No sense rushing somewhere until I know where it is I need to go.

Once I am into the week, I am busy. Actually I am busy on Mondays as well. But I am not rushed anymore. In addition, I am not feeling the pressure of seminary I was feeling just a few weeks ago, God seems to have calmed my heart on that one, and I pray that feeling (or lack of feeling) continues. My days are full, there are days I feel I wish the day had more time to get done what I would like to get done. Not a longer day, but one with more time in it, if that makes any sense to you. It does to me somehow.

So shortly I will head off to classes for the day and then to a church small group meeting tonight with my wife. Along the way, I will try to spend as much time walking and talking with Jesus that I can. He is so gracious that I know He will sit in with me on my lectures today, even though He has heard them many, many times. A lot of it is from His lectures, so maybe He will give me a little more insight into what I have to learn today.

As for the picture above, it has nothing to do with what I have written so far. I liked it, it fits me somehow. It says a lot to me about how times have changed. I was scary in the 80's. Still am, but I mostly scare myself now, no one else.

I have been writing about my new week, the previous day of which
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