October 9, 2008

Things Heard (Or Overheard) at Seminary

Here is a small sampling of some of the things you hear attending class, conversing with classmates, or just pick up in the public areas:

"If you find the perfect church, don't join it, you will ruin it." (Good Advice)

"God is the Creator. He is not a tree-hugger. He values us more than the sparrow and gave it all to us to use." (I think it is implied that the use be wise)

"My daughter says I'm the kind of Doctor who doesn't help people." (Webster's definition of a Seminary Professor?)

"Literal interpretation does not devalue figurative language, it enhances it." (It takes two to tango)

"Teenagers today are therapeutic functional deists." (Treat God like a candy store)

"People living in today's culture need help to faithfully live in it." (We are under attack)

"The central issue of sin is disbelief." (Pride probably figures in as well)

You hear some interesting stuff if you just listen.

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