October 29, 2008

Wednesday Is Still The Middle Of The Week

Even though my week seems to be off a day, Wednesdays are still the middle of the week. But they clearly have a new meaning. I am in the day between classes at seminary, so it really is a midpoint.

It has become a day of reflection (on what I learned on Tuesday, or New Monday).

It has become a day of preparation (on what is due tomorrow for class readings and assignments).

It has become a day of rest (some time off between the lecture schedule. Hey, I am in my 50's).

It has become a day of community ( I meet with a group of men Wednesday night for some fellowship, some Bible and some conversation).

All in all it is a different Wednesday from when I was working and it represented getting over the hump of the work week. It has a different feel, one of quiet accomplishment not clearing a hurdle.

I like the way Wednesdays work now.

I have been writing about my new week, the previous day of which
you can read right here."


Laurie M. said...

Just curious, because it sounds like it's all still new to you, is this your first year in seminary?

Andy C said...

Yes, I am a 52 year old freshman. Started in the summer with a couple of classes and the fall with my first full term.

Laurie M. said...

That sounds like great fun! My husband and I would love to go to seminary. We were just talking about that last night. I was specifically thinking of him, because he has an amazing mind, which I'd love to see devoted full-time to academics and teaching Church history rather than receiving and delivering produce. But, God is sovereign after all, and we are grateful for the paycheck and training in self-discipline that comes from the more mundane work God has called us to for this time.

I'm delighted for you and your wife that God has given you this wonderful opportunity - at a time in life when you can fully appreciate how rich it is.

Andy C said...

I am very thankful of the opportunity. If you can make it line up, I heartily recommend it. I am fortunate to live so close to Dallas Seminary. It is an amazing place to study!