October 21, 2008

The Beauty of An Ordinary Day

Today is an ordinary day, much like any other in my life. But it is beautiful to me. I have seminary, which I love going to, love attending the lectures at. We have a praise chapel and I know the guy leading worship today, Joel Engle, the lead pastor at The Exchange, making it a lot more personal to me. Tonight I have an event to attend with the Evantell people, a great group of people to spend some time with, people who love the Lord and working in His service.

It is a beautiful, special ordinary day. Ordinary in the eyes of everyone else, just another guy going through life, but it is special in my eyes. That is what makes it beautiful, the way this day makes me feel.

It is a day I can hardly wait to get started on, so I need to wrap up this post.

Because it is an ordinary day that I am going to revel in.

And I am going to pray that God puts it on my heart to feel this way everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Andy. I'm still thinking about doing something like that on a more or less permanent basis. I think it could be a very important spiritual discipline for me.