October 30, 2008

Thursday Is the New Friday

I go off to classes shortly and this is the end of my school week. This makes Thursday the new Friday as when I finish my last class, I will be in weekend mode a day earlier than most. It is a very nice feeling. I remember how much I enjoyed those 3 or 4 day weekends due to holidays or vacation time that I sometimes had when I was working. It is a great feeling of relaxation and liberation. Now I get to feel that way every week.

It is not a feeling I am growing tired of, it is one that I appreciate a little more each week. It is a feeling of release that now comes out of my new weekly order. And the best part about it is that I now go into the weekends charged up and ready to do other stuff instead of limping in hoping to get charged up for another work week. I bring energy into the week end as opposed to looking to draw energy out of it. I come out the other side ready to go at another week, not just feeling partially recharged for another battle.

Is it due to my walk with Jesus? Well, yes it is but I was walking with Him before. But unlike now, I was walking but talking too much during that time with Him. Now I am walking and listening to the quiet comfort and wisdom He chooses to bless me with. I do not feel I am more of a Christian now, but I am clearly more reflective about my relationship with my Lord than I was a year ago.

It fits in with the new perception of time I developed after retirement that I talked about in this post.

No longer measuring and tabulating time, but flowing with it, looking for His direction and guidance. I have to watch the clock more now than a few months ago, I am at school and have to be certain places at certain times. But I am getting things done, not just getting through things.

It is a much better space, a much calmer place to be.

This is a continuation of my reflections on my new week, with yesterday being here.

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