October 31, 2008

Friday is the Start of the "Saturday" Weekend

Fridays are different too. I really am now in a 4 day weekend mode, and I must say I wish everyone could do it. It feels like Second Saturday (or maybe First Saturday or pre-Saturday) because it is really not much different than the way Saturdays used to be. Except less hectic because there i smore time. Because there are now two of them.

I start with a men's small group at 6:15am (I know, it is a holdover form my working days, but it is a good group of guys to study and fellowship with. Plus I lead the group which makes it real hard not to attend on a regular basis). The rest of the day is reading, homework, errands and relaxing. Maybe a breakfast or lunch with someone, maybe an early weekend date with my wife.

Generally a productive day in a very relaxing sort of way. Tonight, my small group will be running a bounce house at 121 Community Church's Trunk or Treat. Come by between 6:30 to 8:30 pm with the kids for games, candy and bounce house activity if you are in the area.

I enjoy Fridays thoroughly these days. I used to like them because they meant the end of the workweek was coming up soon. But I enjoy them now for the deeper study they allow me to do, the time I get to spend with friends or my wife, the relaxation at the beginning of a long weekend. Relaxing but yet I am ready to dive into any projects I have lined up with more energy and desire than I used to be able to show in the past.

And I feel I have gotten so much more useful stuff done on Fridays that I have ever done before. All in all, a good way to start a long weekend.

This is a continuation of my reflections on my new week, with yesterday being here.


Laurie M. said...

Enjoy your Friday. I, too, usually have a 3-day "work week", though I do work the occasional Monday. But that's just my regular cleaning job. If I worked anymore outside the home, things would really start to fall apart around here. My days are full to the brim as it is with my little book business, my teenage son (who doesn't drive yet), and my housebound elderly mother.

My Friday morning ladies' study is on hiatus for the holidays so it is like a pre-Saturday. I really like that feeling.

Anonymous said...

This is a good Friday for me. For one think, I'm off work. For another, we're having our second annual Reformation Day celebration at church tonight.