October 19, 2008

Atrophy of the Mind

A few days ago I took my theology mid-term (fair but thorough) and I was most surprised about one thing. By the time I finished, my hand was cramping from all the writing. I never write anything of any length by hand anymore, it was a revelation, albeit an uncomfortable one.

I guess I need to guard against similar atrophy in another major muscle, my mind. If the extended use of my laptop has impacted how easily I can use my hand to do a simple function like writing, what is it doing to my mind?

I will need to guard against brain drain by insuring intellectually stimulating fare is the main diet I ingest on the internet. I believe my seminary studies will help keep me sharp by honing my thinking processes over the next few years, but is it harder than it would have been if I had not become a budding internet junkie over the past few years?

If nothing else, this affirms my decision to do a media fast last Wednesday, and to continue it over the next few weeks. It is making me think I need a more permanent program, but I may switch it to the weekend after I complete the three week commitment I made to Wednesdays. More thought on this is required on my part.

Which is probably a good start to a program of exercising my mind.

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