October 26, 2008

Honor God By Honoring Your Word

I was at a party last night speaking to someone from my church about a ministry we have both supported in the past. This ministry recently held a dinner to introduce some of those helped to some of those who had provided funds that allowed for the help to be given. It was a warm, emotional night, with lots of praise given to Jesus for the work he does in us all. My wife and I enjoyed it greatly.

The time came in the evening when people were asked to search their hearts and see if they felt the call to commit to financially supporting the ministry. Commitment cards were available. Many people did turn them in. We did and are now supporting this ministry in our small way.

What I heard last night was that a majority of the cards have not been honored. It is sad. A Christian crowd coming together to support a Christian ministry for an evening and then ignoring the pledges made that night. What a witness to our Lord we made that evening.

I am not saying everyone should have committed. I am not saying we ourselves gave enough. But if you give your word, follow through. There are so many ministries that need our assistance no one can support them all. But support the ones that your heart calls you to. Honor God by honoring your commitments.

Do not make a show of filling out a card at a banquet and turning it in and forgetting about any follow through. There are plenty of times I have not answered the call for financial support. I am OK with that.

But if that is how you feel, just leave the envelope on the table. An unfulfilled pledge is more crushing to those in ministry than no pledge at all.

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