October 6, 2008

A Double Red Day

Later this morning I have an appointment to donate blood at Carter BloodCare in Keller, TX. I am doing a double red collection. (their term, not mine. I would call it the Big Red or Plasma Pounder, something a little more catchy. Twice the red cells with none of the other icky blood stuff)

Basically, they take twice the good stuff and pump the rest back in. Somehow, maybe it should be take one half the good stuff and throw the rest out. I do not think I am getting the best end of the bargain.

Whatever. They promised me a free tee shirt this time, they ran out of the big boy sizes last time. A free shirt. I mean, why else give blood? Seriously, I really enjoy doing this and am glad to do so whenever I am eligible.

They have some criteria: I have to be 5'1" or taller (OK, I am 6'4"). I must weigh at least 130 lbs (I could be cutting this one close. No wait, they said 130 pounds, not 130 kilograms. I am in the clear).

I have a blood type and Rh factor that, while it is not rare, is worth them chasing after me to get some as soon as I am able to donate again. They treat me special, clean needles and new collection bags. (This just keeps getting better, doesn't it? I would much rather have a blood type that is compatible with, I don't know, maybe marinara sauce or dirty dishwater?)

But they are nice people, are very appreciative and make you feel special for the 40 minutes or so that they will be sucking the life force out of your body. A nice visit, all things considered. And so close to Halloween, a nice back story them to work with.

And giving blood is the closest thing to working a job I have done since I retired.

I have been doing this for some time, but it will be my first shirt. I am very excited.

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