October 11, 2008

I Am Being Irked

My seminary studies are proving something to me. There is an inverse ratio of my confidence in completing an assignment to my competence in completing it.

The Inverse Ratio of Confidence to Competence (IRCC, spelled for convenience purposes and pronounced "irk") states the immutable law (at least a sit applies to me) that the less confidence I have in the finished product of an assignment, the more competent the results appear to be. This is based on the independent, objective 3rd party grading of the assignments to date. (Done I might add with a whole lot of grace).

It appears I am to be irked by all my assignments. Although I will test this theorem mightily in the next few weeks, starting last Tuesday, the most recent assignments turned in. (Irking can occur outside the space/time continuum).

The Lord sees fit to have me sweat over each assignment. (Or as it is often called in the finance world, praying over the numbers. An apt description for seminary, don't you think?)

This is probably a great idea on His part, if it came too easy to me, I might start taking things for granted, the last thing I want to do when I am studying the Word of God. Most things worthwhile in life come with some struggle, and this is worthwhile beyond this life.

So doing the work irks me on a regular basis.

But I am taking heart, there is great joy to be had in such irksome activity.

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