October 16, 2008

So What Did I Miss?

I did a "media fast" yesterday. Stayed off the grid and out of touch with the world of the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, you name it.

So what did I miss?

  • An 8% drop in the stock market. Boy, that never ever happens!
  • A presidential debate. Man, I am sure positions were clarified and observers illuminated. Not sure how I will catch up.
  • Staring at my PC screen. Enough said.
It was interesting, I had the urge to log in and log on early in the day, but that quickly passed. And then, I was fine. I used the time for more prayer and reflection. I used the time to study for my theology midterm today. Which lead to more prayer and reflection.

But it was time well spent, or maybe time not spent. Not spent immersed in myself or social media. Not spent blogging, or reading blogs, or cruising on Facebook. But time well spent reflecting on my Lord, talking with Him a little more, and a little more closely. Time very well spent.

I will do it again the next two weeks as my pastor challenged us to do.

Who knows, it may become a habit: Wednesdays without the www...


Anonymous said...

That sounds like I habit I'd like to pick up.

Laurie M. said...

Four years ago, when my ex-husband left me, the grief led me into an unplanned media fast which lasted nearly two years. What happened was, because of my own suffering I saw, for the first time in my life, how the media capitalizes on people's pain and trajedy; how thrilled and amped up they are whenever there was something to report (which nearly always involves someones pain or humiliation). I was disgusted.

I'm still aware of it now, but it's not as overwhelming, just as my pain is no longer overwhelming. It has had many good outcomes, not the least of which is my own conversion. But I still do not watch television, and get all my news from the internet and NPR. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the deep rooted habit of being a news junkie is now broken. (Though I do have to watch out for how much time I spend online.)

Glenda said...

Was challenged to fast recently whle attending a revival. Due to health problems, I can not fast from food. So I engaged in a weeklong fast from Media. I was challenged to use this time build my relationship with God, my family, and my community (especially the church community). What an awesome time! And I didn't miss a thing in the secular realm.

Andy C said...

Good comments all. What this is driving to is that a media fast is a good idea for me personally, as I do not want media, or internet access, or Facebook to become an idol.

And it easily could given how the culture draws us in so readily.

Thank you all for sharing openly and affirming that belief on my part.