January 28, 2009

Some Things Never Change/Some Do

Seminary classes were canceled today because of icy conditions. It called to mind similar times in my childhood when the occasional snowstorm canceled school. We didn't get many ice storms in NYC when I was growing up, but we did get a big snow every once and a while.

Sorry to say that my reaction this morning was similar to that I had as a child. Even though I am a grown (and growing more daily), mature (debatable) adult (also debatable) I had the same reaction. Although my attending seminary is growing me in my walk with the Lord, I had the same reaction.

A smile spread across my face as I heard the news--a whole day off from school! No messing around with a late opening when it warms up and the ice melts off, we are the whole nine yards.

Is it sinful nature, or the sheer joy of the inner child fighting his way to the surface to cry out in triumph "No school today!" before being forced back down and out of sight. A brief shining moment I was 8 years old. In this case I think it is just the little boy in me gets a chance to get a little air. It is nice to know that at 52, there is still a pre-teen deep within me.

So what has changed? The inner child was quickly silenced. I am not going out to build a snow fort or a snow man (Texas snowmen tend to be pathetic looking creatures, with twigs and gravel stuck all through them. Sorry, but I speak the truth in love).

So what am I doing? I am working on a paper. And the child inside is crying silently.

1 comment:

Sherri Watt said...

Tell the little boy inside I said, "I'm so sorry the big meany won't let you go play outside" lol

As far as I am concerned when you get past 40, regression occasionally is ok. Go ahead, release your "inner child"!

God Bless!