January 13, 2009

The Old Grey Mare

Church Crunch is running The "I'm a Blogger and I Need a Business Card" Contest. Go over and check it out. And stay on his blog and learn a lot of stuff about ministry and social media and cool technology.

As an aging boomer, I am somewhat tickled that the business card, a decidedly low tech piece of social media, is still highly desirable. What it says to me that personal, face to face, hands-on social interaction still resonates within us. We need it.

Even in the burgeoning world of social media, it is still important to have one. I do, that's it in the upper left. It has a title of Business Consultant and Seminarian. It has a cross. It raises an eyebrow or two as I hand them out. And yes, it has my blog address on it.

I need a card because I need to stay connected to both the print and electronic world. I think there is a place in community for both. I think both enhance the social interactivity of our culture if used properly.

The business card is an invitation, a badge and a claim stake out in the world. It is an ice breaker, a memory jogger and a collectible. I have bunches in rubber bands and some in card cases. But I do use them when I am looking for someone in particular, a product, a service or just a name and number.

Simple yet elegant. The business card thrives in an internet world.

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