January 25, 2009

Where's The Beef?

It is at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. I have been in the DFW area for almost six years and I finally made it to one yesterday. Livestock is usually not in my weekend plans, so this was a big change. Yesterday, we went with some friends, people who have been here before, willing to take some rookies out for some air (although the air was decidedly thick at times). We had a fun time. If you are in the area and you want to see some prime beef, as well as other animals, stop by and see the show. For a NYC born and bred boy, this is a whole other world, one of which I know next to nothing about. But it was interesting to check it out.

All I know is I was craving a burger when I left the joint. And that is just what I had at a late lunch.

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