January 15, 2009

The Wrath of God

Yesterday I talked a bit about the signs of God. Today I want to talk about His wrath. Not a popular topic these days. Not sure there ever was a time in human history when people wanted to hear about the wrath of God. It is often used by people to deny God's existence or the fact that He is perfectly just and compassionate. We have all heard someone say "How could a loving God allow..." or something that starts out like that when we speak about our faith in Jesus.

J I Packer in Knowing God sums it up nicely. He speaks of God's wrath being judicial, God giving what someone deserves. Not to cruel but just. Not to visit pain but administer justice. Packer also mentions that the wrath of God is what people choose; by retreating from His light or turning from His path. Adam was not cast out of the garden until after he chose to try to hide from God after Eve and he ate what was forbidden by God. You wonder would things have been very different if Adam had faced God and willingly confessed his sin and disobedience.

What it comes down to when someone is angry at God because of the pain and suffering in the world is that we are getting what we asked for in light of our sin and disobedience. It doe not make God's wrath easier to bear, but it is a just action by a loving and compassionate God, no matter what we may think.

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