January 27, 2009

I'm Ready For The Road

I'm ready to hit the road again. I am not going anywhere, I am in the beginning weeks of a new semester at school, but I am ready to go. I am enjoying school but there is something to the freedom of the open road that appeals.

That would be me getting back into the car after a stop for a venti cup of coffee at Starbucks, ready to roll again. Even a semi-pointless drive to nowhere particular would be fun. Just me and my bride. (I would even let her be Elwood and drive).

How does this fit into any plans for seminary or ministry? It doesn't. A little down time is good, ask anyone.

Sometimes you just need a wide open two-lane highway and some good blues music to clear out the cobwebs. The road behind you sometimes makes you fitter for the battle ahead.

Back to the next paper and/or reading assignment before I head off to classes tomorrow.