January 20, 2009

If A Doctor From My Childhood Had Been A Seminary Professor

Would you wind up with lessons like this?

Don't you find it very odd,
That some people don't believe in God?
There is no God? How very odd!
Yes it is odd, so very odd,
It is much odder than a cod!
If you don't believe in God,
I hope He spares you of the rod!

Don't you find it strange behavior,
That some would reject our blessed Savior?
What strange behavior,
To Have No Savior!
Have no Savior, Oh what behavior!
To say no to the Lord and Savior,
Why that's as odd as to have no God!

You should seek to have but one desire,
That is to avoid the lake of fire.
Lake of fire! Lake of fire!
Now there is a good and godly desire,
To miss burning in the lake of fire.
Not to seek the ground that is so higher,
Not to seek the joy that you never tire,
Why that's as odd as to have no God!

I could add a verse of two about the contrarianism of different forms of lapsarianism, but I think the good doctor (and most others) would find that odd, so very odd, in fact as odd as a cod-shaped god!

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