January 14, 2009

Noah's Neighbor

I was recently reading the Genesis account of Noah and the flood and it got me thinking about how easy it is for people to miss the signs of God. Whether they have hearts hardened by the Lord, eyes blinded by Satan or are just oblivious to the obvious, so many miss God right in front of them.

I think Noah's neighbor could be the poster child for this group. I mean, imagine living next to a guy who built a huge ark in his backyard, he must have cut down every tree in the neighborhood for the lumber. Some feel he worked on it 100 years, as Noah was 500 years old in Genesis 5:32 and Genesis 7:11 has Noah at 600 when the rains came. But the Bible says he was 500 when he fathered his sons, not when he started building the ark. No matter, it was 450 long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high, approximately. Safe to say this was not a weekend project.

You know his neighbors must have stopped by to question him, and most likely jeer, harass and threaten him as well. This was not done in secret. And you know Noah told them why he was building it, what they needed to do to get right with the lord and how time was running out.

But only Noah and his family was on the ark when God shut them in. Noah did not ignore his neighbors, God closed the door of the ark. And when God closes a door, it stays shut. Just look at Revelation 3:7.

So I give this warning to all who do not trust Jesus as the Lord of their life and Savior, the signs of God are around you. Do not be like Noah's neighbor, open up and see with the eyes of your heart. The signs of God are all around us.

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