January 8, 2009

A Great Trip

We are back from a long weekend in Branson, MO and we had a great time visiting friends. We got to spend Sunday worship at Telos Bible Church where our friend Bernard is pastor. It was a great sermon on some of the resurrection appearances of Jesus (and the fact that I appeared that weekend in Branson is pure coincidence, do not read anything into it). It is always good to worship in a strong bible based church when you are away from home. There is none better on the road than Telos.

We spent Sunday evening and all Monday morning with the 2009 class and staff at the Kanakuk Institute. This is a great group of young men and women intensely studying the bible for a year and nurturing strong hearts for service in the Lord. This is a great ministry to pray for and support. Wed listened to a lesson on Esther that was taught by a fellow who is going to be a classmate of mine in Trinitarianism at DTS in the spring session. And we both had to go to Branson to meet for the first time. Small world!

It is very heartening to see a new generation of leadewrs developing right before your eyes. I expect wonderful things in the name of the Lord from all these folks at the Institute.

We stayed at the Chateau on the Lake while we were there. It is a great property and a fun place to spend some time. However, the weekend following New Year's is a bit slow in Branson so the hotel was quite slow. I do not want to say how slow, but the day we left I saw a kid riding a tricycle down the hall saying "Red Rum". I immediately located all the fire axes and checked out quickly (Here's Johnny!). For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, I said my sense of humor was a bit off kilter.

We are going to be going back to Branson probably once or twice a year because of some stuff I will be doing out there. We love visiting all our friends out that way. It is becoming a home city away from home for us.

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