January 14, 2009

A Year With The Institutes-1.5.6-9

Continuing my reading of the "Institutes of the Christian Religion", one section really struck me today:

...Consequently, we know the most perfect way of seeking God, and the most suitable order, is not for us to attempt with bold curiosity to penetrate to the investigation of his essence, which we ought more to adore than meticulously to search out, but for us to contemplate him in his works whereby he renders himself near and familiar to us, and in some manner communicates himself...
The contemplation of God is so much more important to us, so much more within our reach, than understanding Him will ever be. We should reach for that, which with a struggle and much exertion, we can reach.

...And as Augustine teaches elsewhere, because, disheartened by his greatness, we cannot grasp him, we ought to gaze upon his works, that we may be restored by his goodness...
Gaze upon His glory, be joyous with His presence, but do not think you will ever comprehend the fullness of His infinite deity.

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