December 13, 2008

That Which I Choose To Remember

I have spent a good part of the day studying for my theology final next week. Brings back the old days of my undergrad years in the mid-70's, studying for tests, working on grades.

For me, going to seminary is not about the grades, nor necessarily the degree. It is about an education I can use in ministry. Working with people, but working for the Lord. In my business career, I worked more for myself than for the Lord, sadly that was so to a large extent even after I cam to Christ. Now I am working for Him first, people second, and then me. I am doing some work now, it is all on a volunteer or pro bono basis. (The hours may be long, but the pay is great)

So I sit here taking a short break and wondering how I stay out of the old traps of studying just for the grades. I am amazed at the tidbits of information, or the mini-video clips of events of my past that still run through my mind with amazing clarity decades later. Some vital, important info; some useless and/or inane. The things that I remember, I wonder how long and meaningful is the list of that which I chose to forget over time.

I sit here trying to make my study about lasting value, about my seminary education, not my seminary grades. I try to make my study about my working for Him, asking that He make what I need to work for the glory of the kingdom sink in or seep in. But most of all, whichever way He puts it there, that it will stay in.

That which I choose to remember is that which He would have me remember.


Laurie M. said...

All your talk about remembering - stuff from the old days, and stuff you're hoping to remember now - really strikes a chord with me. I have to read and re-read now, and in the re-reading it often seems like I hadn't just read it before. I, too, pray things will somehow seep in and stick, and make themselves useful. Middle age is a strange, humbling, and wonderful age. This post was more lovely than you probably realize.

Andy C said...

Whenever I read these days, I have to ask Him to help me remember that which I need to know.

It is humbling, but wonderful when I see His hand working in my life.