December 3, 2008

How Do I Offend Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

This one has stuck with me since Sunday and I have been mulling on it daily. I count on Oswald Chambers to make me think and think, squirm and think some more. The November 30th devotional is one of those.

I know I have offended, am offending and will offend God. By my sin and the inability to stop; by my periodic doubt of His love, mercy, grace and sovereignty when things are beyond my control.

But the thought that the things that sound humble to God offending others, or the things that sound humble to others offending God; I had not thought that one through at all.

Here is where I came out on it. When I think about human-sounding humility offending Him it is just an extension of my own sin and doubt. When I think about God-sounding humility offending others, it is just an extension of their sins and doubts. People are not offended by the concept of you or I being saved and sanctified, they are offended by the fact that you or I need to be saved and sanctified for that means they need the same. They are offended that our public declaration of our wretchedness forces them to acknowledge, address or ignore their own sorry state of affairs. Our actions are offensive in their inaction.

There are probably people I will offend by my professions of faith to Jesus. Look at the bright side. Since I also offend God daily; think of what great company you are in on any given day.

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Laurie M. said...

Great insights. Thanks.