December 9, 2008


I read something yesterday that stayed in my mind all day and into today.

We are not forgiven because we are sorry, we are forgiven by the atoning death of Christ.

"Sorry just isn't going to cut it". That is what the seven year old son of a friend of mine said to his mom when she apologized to him for something. A budding philosopher and theologian that one.

God wants us to repent, we are called to repentance when we we come to Christ. Many are remorseful of their actions. But repentance and remorse is not what saves us, but the atoning death of our Lord and Savior. I think remorse and repentance are good, as is a sincere desire to sin no more. But Christ alone is necessary.

If I was still proud it would rankle that nothing I do can save me but trust in the finished work of Jesus. But I am broken and humble in my failure to redeem myself.

But God allows that failure and embraces me when I embrace it and Him. And He embraces me when I still struggle with sin every day of my life.

Sorry does not cut it, but grace does. I consider myself most fortunate to bow before a merciful and gracious God.

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