December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

OK, the picture is a bit melodramatic, but 2008 was definitely a year of transition for me. I had not thought about it in too reflective a manner until I read the post on Red Letter Believers entitled, Taste and See,Reflections of 2008.

As though of you who read this blog know, I left the corporate world in late 2007 and embarked on a seminary education in the summer of this year.

God has blessed me with retirement from a career that allowed me to pursue deeper study of His Word. God blessed me by breaking me of a corporate mindset and giving me a ministry mindset. God blessed me by taking a 30 year business career and giving me the heart to use that experience and knowledge (and hopefully a bit of wisdom as well) for His kingdom purposes.

God blessed me by stretching my mind so that it begins to focus on an eternal perspective. By making sure I know I have oh so far to go. By changing my priorities and my focus.

God blessed me by letting me know how much He loves me. By clearing some of the trash off the path so I could more easily follow His Son. By putting a task in front of me too big for me to even start on my own so that I knew from the very first step He was with me.

He has a tough act to follow to make 2009 equal 2008, but He can do it.


Red Letter Believers said...


Thanks for your contribution!

We'll be featuring in a couple of days..

Andy C said...

Looking forward to seeing all the contributions to the project.

Peter P said...

Happy new year Andy.

May God bless you this coming year.