December 1, 2008

Out of Shape

I have not been blogging much the past two weeks and I feel a little out of shape. Blogging is definitely an exercise to be engaged in to stay fit and feeling up to speed about.

Absence did make the heart grow fonder, I missed it. Although I am wondering what it is the Lord is going to put on my mind to talk about going forward, I haven't a clue and I usually have some ideas floating around to start thinking through. The fact that this concerns me means I want to continue.

Funny thing is that I also have not been on Facebook much the past two weeks and I do not miss that. Absence made the heart less addicted. I will start tapering off that part of my life, not deleting but limiting to a back row. And I think I am completely off of Twitter as well. I am not the least concerned.

Strange how being away from activities can change your perspective. In this case I think it is a change for the better.

Longevity is something to work on, strive for, pursue and maintain. I got a good perspective that there are things in my life worth longevity and things that are not. I do not know if blogging has longevity, but it has staying power as of now.

See you soon, I gotta go think of something to write about.


Marcus Goodyear said...

I like the idea that you have to maintain a regular routine in order to blog well. I think there is something to that.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Andy. I've scaled back on my blogging and other online activities quite a bit. I'm constantly aware of how easy it is to fritter time away, and I don't have enough time left to fritter any away.

Laurie M. said...

Glad to hear you'll be keeping up with this aspect of it. I've never gotten into Facebook or Myspace. The interaction on those seems way too brief and snappy to have any depth. I've looked at others' pages and wondered what on earth they find interesting about them. It's a bit like spending hours looking at bulletin boards. Blogging, on the other hand, when used in moderation has the potential to be pretty fruitful, at least in my experience.