December 12, 2008


A recent school assignment required some sort of paraphrase or interpretation of Acts 3:1-10. Not being a poet by nature, a poem was the route I chose. Go figure.

A lifetime of misfortune begs at temple's beuatiful gate.
A man's relief desired,
But heaven's prayer required,
Peter and John of mercy do lay all straight.
Mid afternoon time this all awaits.

By their faith riches not embraced.
Intently staring,
Yet intensely caring,
By Jesus the Nazarene this matter graced.
His guiding hand on this was traced.

Amazement blooms by all human measure.
Leaping praise and wonder,
All bonds of misery asunder,
Thoughts of joy at one man's pleasure.
Prized sweetly on earth is heaven's treasure.

Go here to see the NASB version. It is much better.


barrywallace said...

That's actually very good, Andy. You should try your hand at poetry a little more often, perhaps.

Laurie M. said...

Definitely. Not too shabby, but you know I'm no poetry person either. Here are my favorite bits:

A lifetime of misfortune begs at temple's beautiful gate.

All bonds of misery asunder

Prized sweetly on earth is heaven's treasure.

I agree with Barry. You should do this more often.

Andy C said...


Thanks for the encouragement. I think of it as half good, making it half bad a swell.


That's me, the shabby poet. The last line was my favorite.

I will try again.