December 26, 2008

This Cannot be True

Ran across this the other day. It says a lot about how someone feels about people in general. While I think the number of "Nobody Cares" is quite high, it cannot be the whole world.

Because some people do care. And some people are doing something about the fact that they do care. me personally? Not doing enough, and I care about THAT. Have to work on that in 2009.

This is meant as humor, but this is a message in it. Those of us who do care are probably not all doing enough to show it to the rest of the world. I have been doing some stuff on the 12DoCC, but not enough. I am serving in church a bit, but not enough nor with enough of a servant's heart heart.

My hope for this Christmas season is that the population of "Nobody Cares" becomes a ghost town, or at least severely underpopulated. My wish is I do my part to drive people out of town.


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Peter P said...

I often ponder whether the amount I care is even discernable by God.

I mean, I know He can see how much I care but really on a scale of 1-10 would He really place me even as high as 1?

The 12DoCC has really made me think about this!

Thanks for the reminder Andy that we are so often lazy and self-centered and counted as bart of that 6.5 billion!