March 18, 2009

Writer's Block

I am in a valley right now as it relates to writing a paper I need to do for seminary. With some encouragement from a tweep (if you have to ask what that is, forget about it. Not important to the line of thought I am trying to follow). I thought I would try to write about it.

I am not sure, but I think writer's block goes on deep inside me. It isn't just about getting words on paper, it is about reaching deep into my core, starting a thought a stringing together a coherent (or semi-coherent, I will let the professor be the judge) discourse on a topic of interest to me. Of enough interest to me to make it come together is a well researched, well thought out and laid out paper that can pass muster at graduate level studies (when I say it like that it really sounds scary to me).

I almost get the feeling that this is similar to the blog post about nothing I wrote a little while ago.

But it isn't. It is about faith. My faith.

I am confused by this mental block but I know my Lord will break it at the proper time or not. I will either write the paper or not. And the road I walk will be His and I will follow.

Words have been few on The Narrow Road the last few days, but one thing I can always write about.

He is sovereign in this world and the next.

Whatever, it will be all right.

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